Emily Williamson

"I want to be an Entrepreneur and that is what Hybrid allows you. Hybrid allows me to invest in my clients, my marketing, as I see fit."  

 - Emily Williamson

Celeste Schmorde

"What I love about Hybrid is that I'm completely autonomous as a Broker. I can run my business the way that makes sense for me, with full support of ownership and the Brokers."

- Celeste Schmorde

Heather Lefaive

What I love most about Hybrid is the customized attention that I receive from the owners, the problem solving help that I get. I would not be the agent I am today if not for Hybrid Real Estate."

- Heather Lefaive, Lefaive Homes

Brita Arcuri

"Hybrid sets itself apart from other brokerages in the way that they are able to support agents that are very diverse. and that have different goals, and that are in different seasons and chapters of their life and their career."

-Brita Arcuri

Arica Mitchell

"Hybrid Real Estate gives the Song Real Estate Team an opportunity to form a business within a business." 

- Arica Mitchell, Song Real Estate

Amy Thompson

"I am very confident in my decision to move to Hybrid. I have seen my profitability and my production increase tremendously."

 - Amy Thompson, Amy Thompson Homes

Agent Testimonials


Amy Thompson

Heather Compton

Heather Compton

I have now been a part of Hybrid Real Estate for two years. When I decided to switch companies, I wanted to continue working with owners that I really respected and also for a company with commission splits that favor the low producing, mid-level producing and high producing agents. After interviewing most of the companies in town, I felt very confident in my decision to move to Hybrid. Since that time I have seen my profitability and my production increase tremendously. I am extremely happy with my decision and I'm also very pleasantly surprised at the level of support that I get from Bryan and Kelly.  Because of the very low fee structure, I would have expected to have less support. That has not been the case. They have always had my back whenever I need them. Another really nice thing that Hybrid offers now is the ability to have a real office outside of working from home. This option really takes Hybrid to the next level.  For anyone that is looking to increase their profitability and have amazing support and tools, Hybrid is definitely the best choice.



Heather Compton

Heather Compton

Heather Compton

I am so happy I joined Hybrid Real Estate! There are so many tools every agent needs in order to succeed. Hybrid excelled at that delivery! I have only been selling real estate for 3 years and I have landed among the top 10% of agents in Lane county all thanks to the mentorship I received at Hybrid Real Estate. 

Their commission splits are so competitive no other agency can come close! The technology they offer their agents is cutting edge. They continue to look for new avenues for their agents to succeed in and coach them appropriately.  

I would not be the agent I am today if not for Hybrid Real Estate! Kelly and Bryan Ranstad truly care for each individual agent's success and I  owe all my success to them. Their care, their lessons, their individual attention and their desire for you to achieve your goals, Hybrid truly is the only place for me and my growing business!

Heather Compton, Broker



Elmina Mike

Heather Compton

Elmina Mike

I’ve worked at two of the top offices in Real Estate and I can tell you if you want to stay ahead of the game in Real Estate, which is technology, than this is the company you need to be with.  Don’t be left behind.  Being with an office that is so eager to help you  and being around self-motivated agents is invigorating. Everyone wants everyone to be successful.   It’s so exciting watching this company grow!


Elmina Mike, Broker

Hybrid Real Estate



Lane & Lisa Borchers

Lane & Lisa Borchers

Lane & Lisa Borchers

We couldn't be more pleased with our move to Hybrid Real Estate.The supposrt of Bryan and Kelly have proved to be amazing. It is truly family atmosphere. They are there for any support needed, and also encourage you to be your best. They put on a great yearly event to award all the hard working agents within their group and they are always encouraging the family of Hybridians to succeed to their fullest potential.

They  want you to have every opportunity to be on top of current matters within the market and your business. The communication lines are completely open. They encourage ideas for you to grow, not only in selling real estate, but purchasing as an investment for your business. 

If you are thinking of changing your brokerage, or just want a breath of fresh air, Hybrid is one to look into. The move is easier than you think and they make the change very easy and non-stressful. We love working with this brokerage for so many reasons. They are local, they are family, they are no nonsense. They are Hybrid.

-Lane & Lisa Borchers


Lisa Read

Lane & Lisa Borchers

Lane & Lisa Borchers

As I was looking to begin my new career in Real Estate, it was important to me that I find a brokerage that offered a hands on mentorship program.  I felt strongly that if I was going to be advising clients on big decisions, during a traditionally hectic period, I wanted experienced agents at my side. Hybrid offered exactly what I needed.  

One of the things I appreciated most about Hybrid’s mentorship program was the availability of two mentors, each with an obvious passion to help others succeed.  Korrina and Bryan’s teaching styles resonated with me and motivated me to be better.  They listened to my personal goals, helped me define my business goals and directed me towards a path that was beneficial and productive in kick starting my career.  

Many of the concepts started off foreign to me; Korrina and Bryan patiently walked through each scenario and answered every question I had.  Their knowledge and willingness to share years of experience,  has been invaluable to me. 

- Mentorship Program Trained


Steve Sutton

Lane & Lisa Borchers

Steve Sutton

As a newly licensed real estate broker, I took great care researching the various brands in our area before deciding to call Hybrid home.  Right away, I began the mentorship program and knew I had made the right decision!  I can’t express enough how much I appreciate the timely response, guidance, problem solving, advice and motivation I received from Korrina Junge.  I highly recommend the mentorship program at Hybrid Real Estate and believe this level of one-on-one service to be unique to our area.

-Mentorship Program Trained